ICE is proud of the relationships we have built with our customers and of the excellent results of our joint efforts. We believe that our commitment to consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations is the driving force behind these successes. There’s no better way to understand the difference ICE will make in your company’s business than to read about the experiences of other ICE customers. Here’s what they have to say about us:

Chief Engineer / Dry Coolers, Inc.

“Our experience with ICE has been very positive. We found ourselves a little over our head when it came to the control requirements to meet Ford Transline specifications and ICE bailed us out. Our previous supplier offered no assistance whatsoever. ICE not only provides superior quality when it comes to product design, layout and manufacturing, but they pay attention to the details, are customer centered, and love a challenge. We highly recommend them. ”

Lead ISO Auditor / NSF-ISR

“The company's management system is robust and effective. Management's attitude toward continual improvement of their system is contagious with employees who are clearly serious and energetic in their efforts to provide high quality products on time. The company makes every effort to develop and maintain customers with satisfaction levels so high that they think of I.C.E. first when the need arises…Continual improvement is shown with a 98% on-time delivery rate…and virtually no non-conforming product, evidenced by virtually perfect results from customer satisfaction surveys.”