I.C.E., Inc. is committed to providing services at the highest level of integrity while keeping the customer’s best intentions in mind. We feel this is very important in maintaining a good customer relationship and in providing the best possible services at the highest standards. We are a full-service Integration House that can provide you with:

  1. Electrical Controls Design
  2. Electrical Panel Fabrication
  3. Material Handling Controls
  4. Assembly Line Controls
  5. Vision Systems
  6. RF Tag Systems
  7. Robotic Cell Control
  8. Bar Code Reading
  9. Packaging & Sortation Systems
  10. Press Controls
  11. Automated Equipment
  12. HMI Screen Development
  13. Batch Processing
  14. Pneumatic Design
  15. Hydraulic Controls
  16. Air Handling Systems
  17. PLC Programming
  18. Retrofit of Existing Controls
  19. Debug and Start-up of New Machinery
  20. Electrical Project Management
  21. Machine Tool Controls
  22. Servo Programming
  23. Field Service Calls & Troubleshooting